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I am really amused by this topic. The way ladies should be concerned about being, "girlfriend material". Why can it not be the same for boys. Here is why, not most boys worry about being, "boyfriend material". If you like someone, communicate it ladies. I do not get why spend time worrying about how a guy views you. He is probably doing sth with his life, keeping occupied and here you are worrying about being categorized as a girl. Ladies let yourselves want more to that then that,"Girlfriend" title

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@Dr Thulebona

A guy can tell a lady she's girlfriend material if he has seen it best.

3 years, 4 months Ago Report

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That's it!!!

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@Deneo... yebo ngyavuma

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The one who loves you will always be with you he or she will never ignore you to what ever secomestances

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yes, I am girlfriend material... ngi honest

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Nashi Mabaso


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Type your comment here...guys please be committed and be faithful to your partner

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Type your comment here...that really guys are like gogs

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