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Love your lady parts

Keep ‘em fresh and clean

Itchy yeast infections in girls are pretty common. In fact at least one in three girls have one during their lifetime. Although the infections are rarely dangerous there are nonetheless steps you can take to keep yourself from having to suffer through the discomfort.

Keep it au natural by wearing cotton undies because they absorb moisture and help keep you dry. This is also why it’s important to make sure you dry your whole vagina area well after taking a shower or a bath.

Wipe from front to back. A lot of infections are spread from the rear to the front so make sure the loo paper moves the other way.

If you’re a swimmer or you like exercising don’t stay in the wet or sweaty clothes after you’ve used them. Change out of them to prevent moisture.

Eat right by upping your intake of natural yogurt which helps fight the spread of yeast. Also eat less sugar because some research suggests that it promotes in the overgrowth of yeast.

Keep it cool by staying away from long, hot baths. Yeast organisms love warm and moist places.

Keep it simple and don't use scented or perfumed soap, as well as toilet paper that has die on it as these can irritate the sensitive area inside the vagina.

Keeping your body healthy and happy not only translates into how you view yourself but how others look at you too. Visit a clinic near you to find out more about how to keep healthy and protect yourself.


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I think as girls we should also make sure that we change our panties before we sleep.

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