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Rapper Zeus has dating worries

Is safe sex ever safe?

When I began dating in my late teens, I had to ask myself whether I was ready to be in a serious, emotionally-involved, romantic relationship or if I was just looking for a close friendship.

My song “Just Us” is about a teenage romance with a healthy future. They don’t want to ruin their lives by having sex too young. They wait until they are ready. The song says:

"We are still young, our years don't allow for a relationship/ We are students at school, friends we should work/ So we are both independent in future/ Peers, no one bossing the other/ We'll make it to university and graduate"

I have learned that sex is always risky.

So even though I am big fan of condoms, I know that there is no such thing as safe sex. Any sexual activity comes with some level of risk.

The preferred term to use is "safer sex" which means that you can play in a way that reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Akusho kutsi angikhetsembi ngekusebenti icondom (condoms don't mean I don't trust you) yindlela yekutivikela emaphutseni (it is just caution because we are afraid of mistakes)

Batswana hip-hop artist Zeus is an ambassador for the Safeguard Young People programme. He knows that delaying having sex means you are safe for longer. Do you agree?

Listen to Just Us on the Safeguard Young People website by clicking here * Standard data charges will apply.


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@Miyanda31... I get you and that is true.

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@Melly, i believe having sex is a choice( excluding other sexual activity such as rape e.t.c) . I disagree in the, avoid being in an affair to avoid sexual activity. Some people have sex with strangers in different places. If one is in a relationship they choose. No matter what, they have a choice whether they want to or not. So i believe avoiding any relationship to someone you feel attracted to just in the name of abstaining from sex wont make one happy eventually one will want to date but it all comes down to you as an indivual what your opinion is, belief, goal and the decision you CHOOSE to make.

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