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Sexy, happy Facebook friends

Do YOU look good enough?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can make it look like everyone is living an amazing life. All your friends look so happy in every single picture and status update. They’re always smiling. Every night out is huge party. Each outfit is perfect. And next to that, your life seems…. Dull.

But is everyone else really having that much fun?

Not at all, according to researchers. One study says that most people go out of their way to look cool on social media networks to impress other people. They post sexy selfies or spend ages applying filters to pictures to make themselves look 100% perfect. In other words, what they post isn’t real.

All these posed, edited, filtered pics can really make you feel like your life falls short. Like you are a loser. That you are not thin or cool enough, or that you have no friends. But as research shows - most of these pictures are at least a little bit fake. So don’t believe everything you see!

Don’t trust what you see online! Many people are faking fun to make it seem like they have a perfect life. Focus on the real moments you have with friends and family. You don’t need to have a picture perfect moment to be having fun.

Do you suffer from Facebook envy or feel like a “loser” because your social life isn’t rocking like your friends’ seem to be? Tell us how you deal in the comments.


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I've seen people who fake life, when the truth comes out... it kills them, sometimes we don't accept who we are. I usually say "telling d truth is always right"

4 years, 3 months Ago Report

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Tune Me Moderator

Fellow, user. That is correct, as young people we want to appear with a wrong image in the face of our friends. We can project all we want out into the world and make others responsible for us and for what happens to us, especially our failures. Or we can choose to take responsibility for ourselves and for what happens to us — especially our successes. Deep change often has to take root before we can live up to the potential that resides inside us. On a positive note, here are some steps to help you identify what you believe to be true about yourself in order to help you get back on track with who you feel you really are: 1. Make a list of 20 things about yourself that you know in your heart to be true. What determines the truth of these characteristics/traits to you? 2. Make a list of 20 things others believe to be true about you, but which you know are not accurate. Why have these characteristics/traits been reinforced? How do you effect a course correction with those things that you feel don’t accurately fit you, or are core negative beliefs? 3. Do you feel successful in your relationships? Do you feel you can be yourself in your relationships with a significant other, friends, and family? Do you fear expressing your needs and desires? Do you worry that your feelings, behavior, and actions are truly understood and appreciated? Do you feel frustrated that your relationships don’t seem to work out time and again? Do you worry that significant others will find out who you really are and criticize, judge, and reject you?

4 years, 3 months Ago
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