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Too scared to tell my lover

I am positive

You may want to keep your HIV status a secret. Particularly from someone you are having sex with. You may be are terrified you will lose him or her. Or that you will be in trouble or have other negative consequences.

But living with HIV comes with some responsibilities. Sure everyone should use condoms regardless of HIV status but if you know your status, and want to protect your partner from onward transmission, or protect yourself from re-infection from your partner who may also have HIV, than be proactive and stay in control!

Here are some tips:

Every time you have sex with your partner you will be putting them at risk if condoms are not used correctly and consistently. It’s only fair that you tell them. Honesty is vital to making any relationship work. In any relationship, it’s important to discuss HIV and AIDS with your partner. Always get tested together and always use a condom and be prepared to go for PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis) if condom use fails


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It is true HIV/ AIDs is not a death sentence if you are willing to sustain your life by taking the right diet, medication, precautions, e.t.c but i feel that sometimes it is difficult to be open to people about it. There is still stigma towards it, whether people openly say it or inwardly stigmatise those who have it, it is still a stigma. We know that we are taught that from an early age in school that it is not contracted sexually only. But when we hear that someone has HIV we think of one word, sex! I imagine the difficulty of people who have HIV/ AIDS having to tell their partners that they have the virus. It is not easy to accept. One thinks about the protection they have to ensure during sex or when having a baby(if they consider having a family). I believe we tend to know facts about AIDS and it not being the end of one's life but question is. Will you easily date or yet marry a person with AIDS? will you truly accept them? Be honest.....

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being hiv positive does not mean the end of life but it means a long life to those who will accept their selves and never mind what other people say about them!

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