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LoverBoy - Think You’re a Love Loser?

Then Meet My friend Njabulo.

So my love life is bad, but there’s always someone who has it worse.

My boy Njabulo told me this one. A few years ago this girl he'd been seeing asked him to go to a wedding with her. He was a bit worried. To go to a wedding as someone's date, that's a Big Deal - maybe she's taking this a bit fast. What's next? Meet her parents?

But he thought about it, and he realised he liked this girl. In fact, he really liked her. It was a bit quick, but so what, right? When it's right, why hold back? So the hell with it - he DID want to get serious.

So he goes to the wedding and he's ready to go steady, and she looks beautiful, and he's feeling good. But halfway through she starts crying. And when he asks her what's up, she tells him the guy who's getting married is the only man she's ever loved. And next to that dude everyone else just looks like yesterday's breakfast.

Njabulo feels sick. He just wants to walk out of there. But then suddenly she leans across and kisses him, and it's HOT. But then she opens her eyes and says, "Is he watching?" She wants to make the dude jealous! And Njabulo knows he should just get out of there and walk away. He is being used. He knows that, but that kiss was HOT.

So he says, "Yes, he is", and he pulls in again for another one...!

Dating can be fun. It can also end in tears. But you learn how to handle yourself better each time. Did you go on a date that went wrong like Njabulo did? Tell us about it! Girls, do you know how to tell if a guy likes you?


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women do that all the time ...why would you girls kiss me in public just to make someone jealous. ..infact just showing ur ex boyfriend u still care how u feel... as men/boys I think we should stand our ground ain't nobody is going to abuse u ..just because a kiss is good. let's be proud to be man and resist things like this am I right or wrong ?

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U have to tell her oh him face to face by saying good jockes

1 year, 9 months Ago Report

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