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How Do You Get HIV?

What Can and Can’t Spread it

You get HIV from an infected (HIV+) person’s body fluids. These are blood, semen, pre-ejaculate (the fluid that comes out of the penis before ejaculation), vaginal secretions and breast milk. You don’t get HIV from another person’s saliva or tears.

The most common way HIV is spread is through unprotected sex with an HIV infected person. It can be vaginal sex, anal sex (penetration of the anus instead of vagina) or oral sex (putting your mouth on somebody’s genitals). Anal sex and rough or ‘dry’ sex are risky because they can cause small tears inside the anus or in the vagina. The virus can easily pass into the body through these tears.

You may not think so, but oral sex also has risks, especially if you have small cuts in your mouth or gums.

There are other ways you can get HIV:

You cannot get HIV from:

If you had unprotected sex or know you are pregnant, take an HIV test. Test for HIV every 2 months to be safe. If you test positive, you will be given antiretroviral (ARV) medicines to keep your body healthy. If you are pregnant, these will also protect your baby.


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