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Pregnant and still studying

Can you finish your education?

Don’t drop out of school if you are pregnant. It will make your future less bright.

For a long time if a girl fell pregnant at school she would be expelled. This meant many girls would drop out of school if they found out they were pregnant. Some girls felt ashamed to attend school while others wanted to become a full-time mother. Others found their family put pressure on them or other learners or teachers shamed them.

Now, many countries have laws to help you get back into school. And even if your country does not have a specific law, going back to school is best for you and your baby.

Try to stay in school as long as you are willing and able. And try go back as soon as you can after the birth of your baby. If you feel unwelcome you need to speak to the principal. If they are the culprit, take it to the regional office.

Babies grow up. They cost money. You need to complete your education as it means you can get a better job to give you and your baby a better life. If you want a shining future you need to fight for your right to better yourself through education.


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no can not finished your study bcz u looking your baby

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