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NewGirl - The First Time

I waited a long time

My name is Nontobeko from Lavudlamanti, I waited a long time before going all the way. I had been dating my then boyfriend for six months. It was a few weeks after my 21st birthday that we decided to have sex for the first time. He was more experienced than me.

I was nervous. I didn't know how the condom was supposed to go on, how I was supposed to look, sound or react. I had been physical with him and others before. But deciding to go all the way was harder than I expected.

When you’re used to holding back, it's suddenly quite difficult to let go. But he was gentle and careful and made sure that I was relaxed and enjoying myself all the way.

Is 21 a good age to finally do it? I’m not sure what the right age is. I’m just happy I waited until it felt right for me and I was sure I was ready.

I was ready for the challenges of sexual intimacy. I felt mature enough to deal with any consequences.

I'm all for waiting until you're a little bit older before sharing so much with someone. Besides, it makes the exciting time of tingling nerves and electric chemistry last that much longer!

Waiting to have sex means you get to know your guy to make sure he's right for you. The law wants you to wait until you’re 16. But even if you’re 20, only ever do it when it feels right. If you have a solid relationship before you start a sexual relationship, it will be easier to talk about how to keep you both safe. Hey! Sex has to feel good before, during, after and thereafter. If does not it is wrong.


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Kahle kahle doing sex is someone's choice

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Sex is a bad practice because some people suddenly loose focus when they a engaged in sexual activities. In our days we are engaged in a serious blunder where we see girls of vulnerable age (below 18) having sex with old men, because of poverty or being vulnerable in life. Firstly, that young girl will not perform in skull work. All she will be thinking is hw to make money with what God gave her. We have seen some people going to the top because they have sex with businessmen. Forgetting about their future life together with health. It is not possible for an underage girl the tell a man to put on a condom, and that is how they get the HIV and STI's. Even worse they are afraid to report to their parents once they discover a problem in their body.

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Honestly speaking there came a point in life where I had nothing to do, had just completed my IGCSE, waiting for doors to open up for me so I can make little cents to tutor myself in varsity. I write, I had been doing that since high school, was already wearing the fame crown in my head, I got so stranded that I even got offers of being paid in exchange of sex, or even get hired in exchange of it, as tempting as it was, I put myself first and said "you know what, am not worth any cent, am too worth for few hundreds or thousands. I didn't want to be known as this young lady who slept her way to the top, wanted to achieve things through my hard work and sweat.

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