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What is Oral Sex

Is it Safer?

Oral sex is when one partner uses their mouth, lips or tongue on their genitals to pleasure their partner. Many people like it, others don’t.

Staying safe for girls: Use a condom to protect yourself and him from HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Use flavoured condoms if you have them.

Stay safe for guys: use a barrier such as cling-film, a female or male condom cut into a sheet or a dental dam.

Don’t have oral sex if you or your partner have sores, cuts or ulcers on your mouth or genitals and, if you can, check out your partner’s bits carefully first too.

What are the risks?

You can't get pregnant by having oral sex but you can catch sexually transmitted infections, so it's best to use a condom or another barrier as mentioned above.

Remember giving or receiving oral sex to or from anyone under 16 is illegal as oral sex is considered a sexual act, even if both of you are under 16.

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guys please make sure u use oral dam....to prevent transmission of sexual infections.... its really nice...don't ever forget to use it!!!!!!

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