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Do you have questions on love, sex and relationships?

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Who can I talk to about sex?

Good questions to ask

Talking about sex with your parents or guardians may be scary or impossible. You might not want them to know you’re having sex. Or it might just be too embarrassing. But it is good idea to talk to someone who can give you advice.

But it is no good talking to someone who has the wrong information. And as much as you trust your friends, they might not know all the facts!

One of the best people to talk to when you have questions about sex, is a doctor or nurse. This can also be frightening. What if they yell at you for being sexually active? What happens if they tell your parents? Talking to a friend might seem easier!

But medical professionals will have all the right answers to your questions about pregnancy, STIs, HIV and contraception.

Not sure how to talk to them? Try one of these questions.

If you’re scared you may have an STI or be pregnant, you need to go to a clinic. It can be scary to see or talk to a doctor or nurse. But ignoring a problem won’t make it go away.


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I know that my mother is the best person I can talk to about sex,but the problem is where to start? How must I approach her when I want to ask her about sex?

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Ucala Nin kwenta isex nemuntfu lotsandzana naye

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