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MrRight - Age-restricted love:

When are we allowed to love?

'Age ain't nothing but a number.’

'You can't choose who you love.'

'The heart wants what the heart wants'.

These are just some of the things I've heard friends say to justify why they're dating MUCH older partners.

Back in my parents' day it was normal for young teenage girls to be married off to more mature men. Back then, no-one looked down on or frowned upon this practice. I think that’s mainly because the man was financially stable, so he'd be able to look after his young wife – and her parents!

But did anybody ask the girl how she felt about becoming a wife – and having sex with her husband – so young?

I think it’s all about consent. That means you agree to something.

In most countries today, the law wants us to be old enough make the right choice about having sex (usually 16 years old but each country may differ). That’s because adolescents are so easily influenced and exploited by older people.

But who says there should be an age restriction for love?

Sure, we see a lot of sugar daddies, blessers and cougars today. Somebody gets sex and somebody gets money. It’s like a business deal and mostly it ends badly.

But not all romantic relationships between people of different generations are doomed to fail.

Some people have amazing qualities and great characters that you can't miss – regardless of their age. Sometimes these qualities are what attracts a person to an older or younger partner.

So if they consent to being in these relationships, who are we to stop them?

In the past many young girls were forced to marry older men against their wishes. The law now makes it illegal to have a sexual relationship with a person until you are old enough (usually over 16). There is also a minimum age of marriage (usually 18). Times have changed and girls can choose their own future.

What do you think about what Mr Right has to say? Is there a right age to fall in love?


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