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CityPrincess - What makes a guy sexy?

It’s much more than looks!

I pointed him out to my friend Bongani. She scanned him up and down then shrugged. Really? Did she really not think he was sexy? I couldn't believe it!

It was when he stood up from his seat and had this cool way of walking, a saunter really, that her eyebrow shot to the sky: "Okay, girl. Before I just thought he was hot, but now I see this dude is sexy."

So what makes a guy sexy?

It's not just his looks. He wasn't exactly Krtc. But this guy had something - an X-Factor - and he walked like he knew it. The guy knew his worth without being arrogant. He had fashion sense. There was a look in his eye. I couldn’t resist.

But is Mr Sexy is a keeper?

Not if all he has to offer is sexiness. There's much more to a relationship than charm and magnetism. Just because he's sexy doesn't mean he's smart or a nice guy. And if you think he's sexy, others will too. Is he faithful, loyal, and committed to you?

Good looks with nothing to back them up are worthless; an expiry date stamped right between his gorgeous pecs.

Every guy has a unique body and look. What makes you attractive to others is not just your body, but all of you. Admire successful, gentle and kind men - not just guys who look like movie stars. Looking good is about self-love and self-respect.

Sexy is great. But sometimes nice is so much better. Do you agree? Tell us below.

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sexy people do not last longer usually since they go around sleeping with every person they come across

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