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Feeling Angry?

Handling bad moods and anger

As you grow you may find you feel moody, angry or rebellious. You may feel as if you can’t talk to your parents or they don’t understand you at all. You may want to break their rules or break the school rules. You may feel in control and superior

You may even feel sad, confused or alone. All these feelings are a part of growing up. You are testing your limits and finding out who you are as a person.

When you get angry, a hormone called Adrenalin flows. It makes your heart pump faster. Your stomach might churn, your fists may clench and your muscles tense.

Is it wrong to get so angry?

Anger is normal, but it shouldn’t make you do some things like: hit or physically hurt other people, shout at other people, mix with people who get you into trouble, break things, lose control or wind people up.

Find out what calms you down. To start with, take some long, slow, deep breaths. Most people find sport or exercise works well. Sweat it out. Or talk to a friend, drop and do some sit ups, scream into your pillow, write down your feelings or go for a long walk. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to calm down. Then talk it out with the person involved or a friend.

It is normal and healthy to feel angry when you have a good reason. During puberty you even may sometimes feel angry and you don’t know why.

Feeling out of control? Read more about it below.


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We have to fight anger in a good way...

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