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Crazy myths about menstruation:

Have you heard this one?

Is menstruation unclean?
No! Menstruation is entirely natural and normal. If you’re worried about smelling different, remember to change your pad regularly (at least every four hours) and stay clean (wash yourself daily using water). You may change your pad more or less regularly depending on how heavy your flow is.

Does menstruating mean a girl is now a woman?
No! Starting your period doesn’t suddenly make you an adult or a woman. What it does mean is that you can now get pregnant. Young women and even girls can get pregnant, but that doesn't mean they are ready to become wives or mothers or ready for sexual relationships.

Is it true that when used pads are burned they make you unable to have a baby?
No. That’s not true at all. It is just another way to dispose of pads.

I get pain during my period, is this normal?
Yes. Many girls have some cramping pain.

Is it true that if I delay sex I won’t be able to have a baby later on?
No. That is totally untrue. Early sex can be risky for you!

Menstruation is clean, natural and a healthy body function. If you are worried about anything discuss it with a woman you trust, ask at your clinic or research it. Don’t listen to crazy stories, rather find out the facts.

(adapted from Dr Eve’s Sex Book: A Guide for Young People)


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Lua Lua...

Is it true that grape juice helps with the pain??

3 months, 4 weeks Ago Report

Recent Replies

Tune Me Moderator

Dear User, Period pains depends individually, Its possible that it could help you but not help the next parson. If it is severe we highly encourage you to visit a nearest hospital.

3 months, 2 weeks Ago


Thanks for the educational script on menstruation. Got a question. I read somewhere that the process of pad making involves the input of certain chemicals, these are those that change blood from red to greenish when you've worn the pad for too long. This is said to cause certain cancers. Isn't there a way to ensure that during the pad making, such chemicals are rinsed off the pad to minimize the sicknesses?

8 months, 3 weeks Ago Report

Recent Replies

Tune Me Moderator

Dear user, the turn of the Blood into greenish is a sign of that you have used the pad above the expected time, you have to change your sanitary pads at least once every four hours to keep yourself safe from infection and discomfort.

7 months, 3 weeks Ago
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