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Hey Beautiful!

Do You Like the Way You Look?

Girls, it’s easy to look at celebrities in magazines and wish you looked more like them. But they are often exceptionally good-looking people! Plus, did you know that most magazines change the pictures to make the people in them look more “perfect”, whatever that means. Don’t compare yourself to them. You are beautiful in your own way and what makes you attractive to others is not just your body but all of you.

Your basic body parts are here to stay. When you’re born, you inherit some of your mom and your dad’s features and your body grows to be like no other body! Maybe you’re tall, have big hips, small breasts, and ears that stick out or a funny nose. The most important thing to know is you are you - and that’s what makes you beautiful.

Body shape and looks are not the only things that make you beautiful – your personality and your self-esteem (how you feel about yourself and your body) play a big part too.

There are three types of basic body shapes. Can you spot yours?

No body shape is perfect. It’s learning to love what you’ve got that is important. Don't compare yourself to others. Celebrate the fact that you’re you – special and unique! Worried about your skin? Click the link below to find out more!


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Everybody is beautiful the way he/she looks

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@Dr Thulebona u advice is well placed and productive... I totally agree with you on this one

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