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Behaving Badly?

You May Need to Talk to Someone

Occasional bad moods, sulks, tempers or acting out is normal when you are a teenager, but depression is something different. Depression is an overwhelming sense of sadness, despair, or anger. Depression may make you feel:

Depression is a serious condition. If you recognise these persistent feelings of sadness in your own behaviour you need to reach out and get help:

You don’t have to suffer alone. Start by telling somebody you trust. Depression can need an expert to help. Read more about it below.

Need to talk? Call 9664-MOET, 95 – SWAGAA.


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Uma usebetisa Tidzakamiva kuyabahlukubeta batali. Nabo asibacabangele.

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If you behaving badly it may be due to the fact that you need someone to talk to. You have to approach someone you trust, may be a respectable community member or a relative and talk to that person about the issue you are facing because bad behavior may b a cry for help

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