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Plan your clinic visit

It’s not always easy at the clinic.

There is a chance that the clinic in your area won’t have enough of what it needs. There may be too few staff members or even a shortage of equipment. But you need to know that you WILL get what you need.

Here’s how to make sure that you do:

A clinic visit can take the whole day so you may need to plan for that. Make sure you are prepared and it will fly by. Look out for mobile clinics visiting your area.


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Waiting the whole day at the clinic is no a problem as long as you will get help at the end of the day..... We just need patience because our health must come first all the time

1 year, 2 months Ago Report

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our health must always come first so if we have to wait for the whole day at the clinic, then so be it! !

1 year, 2 months Ago Report

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