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How to build your best body

Exercise and get fit

Have you ever left a sports field or exercise class feeling on top of the world? Exercise can make you feel confident, alive and proud that you put in some work to get a stronger, better body.

Why is exercise so good for you?

Exercise can mean joining a sports team, running alone or in a group, or creating your own workout. Any type of physical activity can improve your fitness and your health. The most important thing is that you get moving!

Aside from weight training or stretching, make sure your workout includes aerobic activity that makes you breathe harder and increases your heart rate. This is the best type of exercise because it increases your fitness level and makes your heart and lungs work better.

Get your heart pumping. Make it your goal to do some kind of exercise every day. This is how you build your body for life.


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@father July

your papa is here... just go to the gym, eat healthy food and focus on positive things then u are fine. @father July

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