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LoverBoy - I Take it Nice and Slow

I'm No Player...

So this girl gave me her number, but I didn't know how long I should wait to call her.

My friend said a week, but not sooner than five days. That way she knows you're a guy of importance. And he knows women, he's a player, so I managed five days, and I called. And she goes: "I gave you my number last weekend and you're only calling now? You're a player, is that it?"

"No!" I said. "I'm really not!" "I think you are," she said. "You're a player. I'm sorry but I don't go out with players. I'm looking for someone sincere." "But I am sincere!" I said. "I'm not a ladies' man! I'm terrible with ladies! Ask any lady!" I don't know, I must have sounded desperate enough. Cos then she says.... "You're really not a player?" "I swear I'm not a player. I don't even know the game, never mind how to play," I promised her. "So you're not just trying to get into my pants, and then you're going to disappear?" "I swear. I believe in taking it slow." "You do?" "Very slow. So slow. Like, holding-hands kind of slow. Give me a chance, I'll show you."

So I got the date. But now, to show I'm not a player, I'm not a player, I have to go so slow, I don't even know what the point of the date is. I'm not winning here. Maybe I need to just stop getting advice from my buddies.

Do you get advice from your friends? Is it any good? Tell us below. Sometimes it’s best to follow your own advice!

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Usually its best to follow your instincts and believe in yourself so the next person can believe in you.

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After a week it's ok

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