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BadBoy: Rash behavior

A bad memory - AND an STI

I've developed an embarrassing problem. On the head of my penis there's a reddish tint with small, circular white dots or lumps (almost like powder). It could just be a little infection or an abrasion or something. But I've been worried about it. It's been a week now - and it hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gone away either.

My biggest fear: this could be related to a stupid, drunk night I spent at the club with a girl I only met that night. I can't remember her name. I can’t even remember if we used protection. All I do remember is that, if I had been sober, I would never have gone with a girl like that.

I've only told one person about my embarrassing problem. He's advised me to see a doctor. But it's not that easy. I am too scared to go to the doctor, but I am also too scared to wait around. And it's too late to call myself an idiot because the deed has been done and cannot be undone.

Now I've got three problems: 1. I might have an STI. 2. My girlfriend might have the same STI (I've slept with her since this incident) and 3. If my girlfriend finds out I slept with somebody else, she'll dump me.

I’m an idiot.

Cheating is one thing. But catching an STI and passing it on to your girlfriend is a whole other kind of trouble. BadBoy needs to go straight to his nearest health facility and get his STI treated. He also needs to have an HIV test. But his girl also needs to know. What would you do?


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what to do if you suspect of something

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