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MyStory: Single and pregnant!

Two things I wish I’d known

Never in my worst nightmare did I think that I’d get pregnant before I was married. But I did.

I told my boyfriend. I thought he’d stick around. But he stopped returning my calls. He acted like we’d never been serious.

I was terrified. What would happen to my life?

As time went by I started talking to my baby. My stomach grew larger and I felt my child moving around. I started to fall in love with my child.

Eventually, I started to feel less scared about my new life. I started to accept that I was going to be a mother. Regardless of my problems and fears, I knew my baby needed me.

And as much as I love my baby, I wish I’d known:

  1. Having sex without a condom doesn’t “prove” that you love your boyfriend. True love means protecting each other. And the only way to reduce your risk of getting pregnant, STIs and HIV is to use a condom every single time you have sex.

  2. A child is not an engagement ring! A pregnancy does not mean your boyfriend will marry you. Or that he will be there for you and the child.

You can fall pregnant as soon as you start menstruating. If you’re a young woman, there are many kinds of contraception that can help you prevent pregnancy. But always use a condom to prevent pregnancy and STIs.

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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