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True Story: My girl's drunk again

Embarrassed and confused

Our relationship started less than a month ago and we have already started fighting. This girl is quite cute, I'll admit, and she’s faithful and good. But there is a big problem. She’s a drunk. Every time we go out she drinks so much she gets very drunk.

She is in a big group of friends and she is the only one who drinks too much. The first time we met she ended up sleeping inside the bar while all her friends were dancing. I was puzzled to see her like that because it was my first time that I saw her in that condition.

Then I realised it happened all the time.

I asked my friends for advice and their response was that I should leave her there to sleep it off.

But I couldn't because she was too drunk to go home alone and I was afraid she could get raped on her way home. So I brought her to my room. That’s where she’s sleeping right now.

My friends have started making fun of me, calling me a fool to think that she’s the one for me. But I really don’t care about that because she’s the one I have chosen. But now I am not sure.

I don’t know whether I should keep on dating her or let her go?

Is it normal for her to be a drunkard? Cause I don’t drink beer myself so I don’t know. What should I do people?

No! It is not normal for anyone to drink until they pass out every time they go out. It is a sign of a serious problem. Drinking interferes with your mind and judgement and can leads to unsafe sex.

This Tune Me reader needs to support this girl to get urgent help. The first stop is a clinic where they will put you in touch with a local organisation to help with alcohol abuse.


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@Dr Thulebona

I can't date a girl who is a drunkard!!! ngeke sengkhone bakagwane... live lingangihleka! Girls, you are all beautiful then why ruin yourselves with alcohol n late night?? u can get raped!

5 years, 5 months Ago Report

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@Dr Thulebona

know the person u love, never skip the dating part.... that's when u get to know kutsi lomuntfu unjan vele futsi ngitomkhona yin....

5 years, 5 months Ago Report

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