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Four Signs They’re Not the One

...and that it’s time to say goodbye

Dating, or spending special alone time with someone, is how to figure out if someone is the one - or the one to leave behind. And there are some behaviours you should never accept.

These red flags are the kinds of issues that won’t go away with time. They will probably only get worse.

Here are some signs they are not be The One:

1. They’re cheating. Cheaters rarely change their ways. Cut ties now to prevent further heartache - and potential STIs!
2. They’re jealous. Jealousy is not sexy. It is an emotion driven by fear, anger and insecurity.
3. They’re controlling. Controlling behaviour also stems from fear, anger and insecurity. If they don't allow you to have your own life, get help to get out. When someone tries to control you, it’s a form of abuse.
4. They drink too much or take drugs. Addiction is a lifelong disease for many people. Don’t let it take over your life too.

Everyone has issues. But some things are warning signs for bigger problems. Be smart about who you take the next step with.


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Sometimes u find that they are onto to u but they hav the problem. I think before leaving them u can try to help them. mostly it is a result of a previous relationship that didn't go well ,so now they identify every partner as a liar or a cheat. That is why they keep track of everythng Transparency is one remedy. and also try to close the gap between the two of u. Some social life's also exacerbate the chances of such a situation, so they also hav to b kept in cheak.

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oh yeah! this is the reality. most people have adapted to stay in their unhealthy relationships due to some solid reasonslike they already have a kid. Some you find it is that the partner whos a trouble causer is the breadwinner thus making the sufferer or the victim to baw all the time even if its hurting up to no percent. Lastly but not least i think guys we should fight for a good life before u do some stuff,carefully liesten to your heart wt kind of life style you want to live. relationship should make everyone's life more comfortable not a living hell. #guys asphatsanen' kahle!

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