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Speaking out about rape

And how to get support

Very few rape survivors will report their rape to the police. That’s because they’re scared of being blamed or shamed. Or even held responsible for the rape. Or worse - not believed.

Many rape survivors will know their rapist. It could be a friend, family member, and acquaintance which can make reporting it even scarier.

But speaking out about what has happened can be healing. Even if it is many years later.

Speaking out doesn’t have to mean using a stage and a microphone. You can tell one person in private. It could be a friend, partner, family member or counsellor. Or you can report the rape to the police. Or even speak about it publically.

Speaking out can be part of your healing process. Pretending that it nothing happened can eat you up.

Rape is never your fault. Talking about it can be scary. But telling someone about what has happened to you can also be healing. Talk to your local clinic, a counsellor, a trusted adult or even the police.


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