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Single mom now what?

How to pick up, dust off and move on

There are many reasons why you may find yourself facing life as a single parent. The reasons may be out of your control. Your guy may have broken up with you, cheated on you, may be already married, passed away, in jail, or he may be abusive (in which case you are better off on your own, for your own sake and your baby’s).

You may not have planned this baby at all. You may live alone or with family. Whatever your situation, it is hard to look after a child alone. You may feel overwhelmed and anxious.

If you're a single parent, you will need to learn how to find support for yourself as well as nurture your child.

You may feel alone. But try remember that there are many other young women who have raised a child without the father. Get support to help you face the challenges you face - it could be a family member, friend, neighbour, nurse or pastor.


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Lucky B

Woman needs to seek information and support for empowerment and stop depending on man for survival!!!

1 year, 7 months Ago Report

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moving on with life is a good idea,there are so many young single moms out there and they are surviving without baby dad

3 years, 6 months Ago Report

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