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MissCautious - I'll Give it Away

When I Am Good and Ready

I am Nompumelelo aged 22-year-old and a virgin. I know what you're thinking and no, I’m not ugly. Nor am I overly religious. I’m also lucky enough to not have had any traumatic sexual experiences in my past - that's not why I choose to be a virgin. I choose it all the way!

I always get the same question. Why are you still a virgin?

I spent a lot of time in secondary school as the single girl my friends came crying to when their boyfriends gave them grief. So I learnt early on how much people could hurt each other. I saw three friends fall pregnant and drop out of school. I didn’t want that. I have big plans for my life. I want to get a job and earn money.

I started dating after school. Each time a relationship ended, it hurt. I had to pick up the pieces and fit them back into place. I do not want to have sex with just anyone and then have to move on.

But I realised that not having sex with the guys I liked has actually made my life easier. If I had ever slept with any of my exes, pulling myself back together after a breakup would have been that much more difficult. There would be so much more than just my heart at stake.

Sex is a big deal. You can't take away the fact that you gave your body to someone. You trusted them with your health and your body. To be honest, I haven’t yet met anyone I trust THAT much. And if it ends, you have to do it all over again with someone new. I think I am just going to wait until I find someone who is worth all that.

Having sex with someone does not mean they will love you or that the relationship will work. How did having sex change your relationship?

Does having sex make you a man? Find out below!


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Lucky B

People differs so does their response to hormones some can hold themselves back and some cannot , to those who are able to abstain big up thats job well done and to those are strungling please make sure to protect your selves ..# when Health is lost , all is lost

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