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LoverBoy: Should I step over the friendship line?

Or should I not…

I often meet someone new that I think is sexy. And before I know it - we’re in love! Every time I think, "This is it. She’s the one".

But it always ends. And I’m left broken.

I have a female friend that I’ve known for a while, almost longer than I’ve been dating. Our friends are always joking that we should just date.

And to be honest, she’s perfect. She understands me, she laughs at my lame jokes and she respects me. I really like her as a person – so she probably would be the perfect girl for me.

But once you cross the friendship line, you risk losing a friend. Relationships come and go, and looking back, I have a bad track record….

Tough one: on the one hand, if I moved her from friend to girlfriend it could be amazing. Of epic proportions. But on the other hand, isn't that what I always think when I get into a new relationship?

If I risk my perfect friendship for a relationship that may not last, I stand to lose both girlfriend and my friend. And without my friend, there'll be no shoulder to lean on when it's all over.

I think I’ll just stick with what I’ve got. A good friend - who just happens to be female and gorgeous!

Love has so many forms and a great friendship is one of them. It doesn’t always need to become more. A relationship that is honest and respectful is worth protecting.

Have you ever stepped over the friendship line? What happened?


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@Dr Thulebona....

From friend to boyfriend/girlfriend.... Complicated coz a lot of questions will come up. I guess if one feels it's a good move then yeah... Choice is yours but don't play with someone's feelings

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