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What is Anal Sex?

Here’s Why it’s so Risky

Anal sex is when a man inserts his penis into someone’s anus(or back passage). Anal sex is a topic people don’t often want to talk about. Anal sex in Swaziland is a taboo act. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen!

Even when friends discuss it in their circles of trust, the issue is met with embarrassed giggles and discomfort. One of the reasons for this is because many societies view the act as being wrong and dirty – whether it happens between men and men, or guys and girls.

Some people believe that anal sex preserves a young girl’s virginity – with none of the risks of pregnancy. But anal sex carries a high risk.

The HIV risk is way bigger for anal sex. In fact you are 18 times more likely to contract HIV via unprotected anal sex than vaginal sex. Why? The membrane inside the anus is thinner and far more likely to tear than the vagina. Any open wound allows HIV to enter a person’s body more easily.

When it comes to sex, the risk of contracting HIV is highest of all during unprotected anal sex. It is 18 times higher than vaginal sex. The receptive partner is at a higher risk of HIV infection than the insertive partner. It is critical that couples having anal sex use.


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Anal sex is risky and should be discouraged

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I'd never do it... I'm scared

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