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Sex on TV!

Is What You See True?

Sex on TV and in the movies can look like such fun. It often shows you all the best parts - beautiful bodies, loving couples, romance, excitement and love.

So what’s the problem? It is just not real! TV gives you a romanticized image of what relationships are like and how sex happens. Also the issues of pregnancy prevention, safer sex and the consequences of sexual relations are rarely discussed before the sex takes place.

It may seem like everybody is having sex. This is certainly not the case - according to a study by the US Centre for Disease Control, many teens are waiting to have sex. As you get older and more confident in your own body, sex can be a wonderful thing. But if you are young and unsure, sex can end up causing you more stress than it is worth.

You live in the era of HIV and that makes sex serious business.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sex on TV and in the movies isn’t like the way it is in real life. When it comes to your own sex life, you need to make healthier and more informed decisions. Hey! Sex has to feel good before, during, after and thereafter. If it does not then it is wrong.

Think porn shows real sex? Find out below.


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How do u overcome a situation wherebu ur girl friends tells you that she's love u but problem is u dnt detisfy her in bed mainly bcos u have small penis

3 years, 8 months Ago Report

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is it true porn is not real?

3 years, 11 months Ago Report

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